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Artist Song Dat. Progr
'93 Youth All StarsThe Road Is Rocky, But It Won't Be Rocky Long31.3.2004
The Abrams BrothersSearching For Myself In Tennessee15.3.2006CF296
Trace AdkinsArlington22.7.2005CF277
Trace AdkinsChrome15.1.2003CF202
Trace AdkinsHonky Tonk Badonkadonk20.10.2005CF285
Trace AdkinsHot Mama21.1.2004CF232
Trace AdkinsI Wanna Feel Something20.6.2007CF327
Trace AdkinsLadies Love Country Boys18.10.2006CF310
Trace AdkinsLadies Love Country Boys21.3.2007CF321
Trace AdkinsRough And Ready16.6.2004CF244
Trace AdkinsSongs About Me16.2.2005CF265
Trace AdkinsSwing21.6.2006CF302
Trace AdkinsThen They Do16.7.2003CF217
Albert & GageDown In Germany15.11.2006CF312
Jason AldeanAmarillo Sky16.8.2006CF306
Jason AldeanHicktown18.5.2005CF273
Jason AldeanJohnny Cash21.3.2007CF321
Jason AldeanWhy17.1.2007CF317
Jason AldeanWhy21.12.2005CF290
Gary AllanA Feelin' Like That20.12.2006CF315
Gary AllanBest I Ever Had22.7.2005CF277
Gary AllanLife Ain't Always Beautiful15.2.2006CF294
Gary AllanMan To Man15.1.2003CF202
Gary AllanMan To Man19.3.2003CF208
Gary AllanNothing On But The Radio15.12.2004CF260
Gary AllanNothing On But The Radio15.9.2004CF252
Gary AllanNothing On But The Radio18.8.2004CF250
Gary AllanSongs About Rain18.2.2004CF234
Gary AllanTough Little Boys20.8.2003CF220
Gary AllanWatching Airplanes19.9.2007CF333
Dave AlvinRailroad Bill19.7.2006CF304
Keith AndersonEvery Time I Hear Your Name15.2.2006CF294
Keith AndersonPickin' Wildflowers16.3.2005CF267
Keith AndersonPodunk20.12.2006CF315
Keith AndersonSunday Morning In America15.8.2007CF331
Keith AndersonXXL22.9.2005CF283
Jessica AndrewsThere's More To Me Than You21.5.2003CF213
David & Anne Kirkpatrick with Joy McKeanWalk A Country Mile15.2.2006CF294
Lee Ann WomackJust Someone I Used To Know16.11.2005CF287
Rodney AtkinsHonesty (Write Me A List)19.11.2003CF227
Rodney AtkinsHonesty (Write Me A List)21.1.2004CF232
Rodney AtkinsIf You're Going Through Hell (Before The Devil Even Knows)15.2.2006CF294
Rodney AtkinsIf You're Going Through Hell (Before The Devil Even Knows)16.8.2006CF306
Rodney AtkinsIf You're Going Through Hell (Before The Devil Even Knows)17.1.2007CF317
Rodney AtkinsThese Are My People18.4.2007CF323
Rodney AtkinsWatching You15.11.2006CF312
Rodney AtkinsWatching You21.2.2007CF319
AudreyShove It16.7.2003CF217
Audrey AuldLosing Faith15.9.2004CF252
Austin Lounge LizardsThe Car Hank Died In19.2.2003CF205
Steve AzarCatfish Christmas20.12.2006CF315
P.D.Q. BachChoral 'Ich gehe'/Duet 'Sag' mir'21.7.2004CF247
David BallLouisiana Melody20.10.2004CF255
Moe BandyHank Williams, You Wrote My Life19.2.2003CF205
Jeff BatesI Wanna Make You Cry19.5.2004CF242
Jeff BatesLong, Slow Kisses16.2.2005CF265
Jeff BatesThe Love Song16.4.2003CF210
Jeff BatesThe Love Song18.6.2003CF215
Riley BaugusI'm Troubled17.1.2007CF317
Be Good TanyasIt's Not Happening21.5.2003CF213
BellaTumbling Down17.3.2004CF236
Dierks BentleyCome A Little Closer17.8.2005CF280
Dierks BentleyEvery Mile A Memory16.8.2006CF306
Dierks BentleyFree And Easy (Down The Road I Go)18.7.2007CF329
Dierks BentleyHow Am I Doin'18.8.2004CF250
Dierks BentleyLong Trip Alone20.12.2006CF315
Dierks BentleyMy Last Name18.2.2004CF234
Dierks BentleySettle For A Slowdown15.3.2006CF296
Dierks BentleyWhat Was I Thinkin'17.9.2003CF222
Dierks BentleyWhat Was I Thinkin'20.8.2003CF220
Dierks BentleyWhiskey Tears22.7.2005CF277
Dierks Bentley & Harley AllenI Don't Believe You've Met My Baby18.2.2004CF234
Heather BerryTo A Dove18.10.2006CF310
Hunter BerryWow Baby21.3.2007CF321
Big & RichBig Time16.3.2005CF267
Big & RichComin' To Your City20.10.2005CF285
Big & RichEighth Of November21.6.2006CF302
Big & RichHoly Water20.10.2004CF255
Big & RichKick My Ass17.11.2004CF257
Big & RichLost In This Moment18.4.2007CF323
Big & RichNever Mind Me15.3.2006CF296
Big & RichRollin' (The Ballad Of Big & Rich)19.1.2005CF263
Big & RichSave A Horse (Ride A Cowboy)16.6.2004CF244
Clint BlackI Raq And Roll16.4.2003CF210
Jessica BlakeYou Can Stay18.8.2004CF250
Norman Blake & Nancy BlakeBack Jack David20.10.2004CF255
Aubrey Blaylock & Paul Williams, J.D. Crowe, Mike Cleveland, Jason Moore, Harry StintonGod Guide Our Leader's Hand15.12.2004CF260
Blue CountyGood Little Girls18.2.2004CF234
Blue CountyThat's Cool18.8.2004CF250
Bluegrass 43Mr Jones17.8.2005CF280
Bluegrass Album Band (Tony Rice, Doyle Lawson, Jerry Douglas, Todd Phillips, Bobby Hicks, J.D. Crowe)Bluegrass Mountain Home31.3.2004
Bluegrass BoogiemenThe Lovin' Machine16.8.2006CF306
Blue HighwayMarbletown29.11.2006
Blue HighwayNothing But A Whipporwill30.11.2005
James BlundellEnd Of The Canning Stock Route15.2.2006CF294
Cindy BoehlerSet It Free16.5.2007CF325
Eric BogleAnd The Band Played Waltzing Matilda16.6.2004CF244
Eric BogleAs If He Knows16.7.2003CF217
Eric BogleOther People's Children17.1.2007CF317
Eric BogleTambourine Mountain20.6.2007CF327
Eric BogleTired19.9.2007CF333
Bon Jovi & Jennifer NettlesWho Says You Can't Go Home15.2.2006CF294
Bon Jovi & Jennifer NettlesWho Says You Can't Go Home17.1.2007CF317
Bon Jovi & Jennifer NettlesWho Says You Can't Go Home17.5.2006CF300
Bon Jovi & Jennifer NettlesWho Says You Can't Go Home18.1.2006CF292
The BoohersGrandma's Songs17.8.2005CF280
Petty Booka & The Meat PurveyorsHow Can I Be So Thirsty Tonight18.7.2007CF329
Boone CreekOne Way Track20.9.2006CF308
BR549After The Hurricane15.2.2006CF294
BR549That's What I Get17.3.2004CF236
Dale Ann Bradley & Coon CreekSend The Angels Down30.3.2005
Adam BrandThe ANZAC16.7.2003CF217
Lee BriceShe Ain't Right18.7.2007CF329
Catherine BrittHillbilly Pickin' Ramblin' Girl15.1.2003CF202
Catherine BrittThe Upside Of Being Down15.12.2004CF260
Catherine BrittWhat I Did Last Night18.4.2007CF323
Catherine BrittWrapped20.6.2007CF327
Catherine Britt & Elton JohnWhere We Both Say Goodbye22.7.2005CF277
Chad BrockThat Was Us19.3.2003CF208
Garth BrooksAin't Going Down ('Til The Sun Comes Up)20.8.2003CF220
Garth BrooksCallin' Baton Rouge21.2.2007CF319
Garth BrooksGood Ride Cowboy16.11.2005CF287
Garth BrooksMore Than A Memory19.9.2007CF333
Brooks & DunnBelieve16.11.2005CF287
Brooks & DunnHillbilly Deluxe20.12.2006CF315
Brooks & DunnPlay Something Country15.6.2005CF275
Brooks & DunnPlay Something Country22.9.2005CF283
Brooks & DunnProud Of The House We Built18.7.2007CF329
Brooks & DunnRed Dirt Road21.5.2003CF213
Brooks & DunnThat's What It's All About18.8.2004CF250
Brooks & Dunn with Sheryl Crow and Vince GillBuilding Bridges21.6.2006CF302
Brooks & DunnYou Can't Take The Honky-Tonk Out Of The Girl21.1.2004CF232
Garth Brooks & Trisha YearwoodLove Will Always Win15.2.2006CF294
Luke BryanAll My Friends Say16.5.2007CF325
Colin BuchananGoodbye Crocodile Hunter20.12.2006CF315
Colin BuchananLand Of The Getaway16.3.2005CF267
Jimmy Buffett & Clint Black, Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson, Toby Keith & George StraitHey, Good Lookin'16.6.2004CF244
BullamakankaHome Among The Gum Trees16.3.2005CF267
BullamakankaHooligan's Creek16.7.2003CF217
Paul Burch & Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain BoysLittle Glass Of Wine18.10.2006CF310
Sam BushBringing In The Georgia Mail20.9.2006CF308
Sam BushMr. President (Have Pity On The Working Man)19.7.2006CF304
Sam BushThey're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone15.12.2004CF260
Sam BushWhere There's A Road21.6.2006CF302
Sam Bush & David GrismanHartford's Reel30.3.2005
Sam Bush & Emmylou HarrisThe River's Gonna Run16.8.2006CF306
BushwackersKelly In Our Hearts16.6.2004CF244
BushwackersPoor Ned Kelly15.9.2004CF252
Sarah BuxtonInnocence18.10.2006CF310
Sarah BuxtonThat Kind Of Day18.4.2007CF323
Tracy ByrdDrinkin' Bone19.11.2003CF227
Tracy ByrdDrinkin' Bone21.1.2004CF232
Tracy ByrdThe Truth About Men21.5.2003CF213
The ByrdsBlue Canadian Rockies19.4.2006CF298
The ByrdsThe Christian Life21.12.2005CF290
The Byrnes SistersPig Hunting15.1.2003CF202
Chris CagleChicks Dig It19.11.2003CF227
Chris CagleMiss Me Baby17.8.2005CF280
Chris CagleWhat A Beautiful Day16.4.2003CF210
Chris CagleWhat A Beautiful Day18.6.2003CF215
Melanie CannonWhiskey Lullaby20.10.2004CF255
Carolina Sunshine TrioCornbread And Butterbeans18.4.2007CF323
Mary Chapin CarpenterStones In The Road20.8.2003CF220
Mary Chapin CarpenterWhat Would You Say To Me16.6.2004CF244
Michael CarrWhile The Wife's Away16.7.2003CF217
Jason Michael CarrollAlyssa Lies15.11.2006CF312
Jason Michael CarrollLivin' Our Love Song16.5.2007CF325
Deana CarterThere's No Limit16.4.2003CF210
Carter & CarterOne Of These Days16.6.2004CF244
Carter FamilyWhy Do You Cry Little Darling19.4.2006CF298
The Carter FamilyI'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes17.11.2004CF257
Lionel CartwrightI Watched It All (On My Radio)21.4.2004CF240
Neko Case & Her BoyfriendsGuided By Wire19.7.2006CF304
Johnny CashA Boy Named Sue (Live)15.10.2003CF224
Johnny CashBallad Of A Teenage Queen15.10.2003CF224
Johnny CashCry, Cry, Cry15.10.2003CF224
Johnny CashDelia's Gone (1962)15.10.2003CF224
Johnny CashDelia's Gone (1994)15.10.2003CF224
Johnny CashDon't Take Your Guns To Town15.10.2003CF224
Johnny CashFolsom Prison Blues (Fragment)(Live)15.10.2003CF224
Johnny CashFuego d'Amor (Anillo de fuego)(Ring Of Fire)15.10.2003CF224
Johnny CashHurt15.10.2003CF224
Johnny CashIt Takes One To Know One21.6.2006CF302
Johnny CashI Washed My Face In The Morning Dew18.4.2007CF323
Johnny CashMan In Black15.10.2003CF224
Johnny CashOne Piece At A Time15.10.2003CF224
Johnny CashOrange Blossom Special15.10.2003CF224
Johnny CashRing Of Fire18.6.2003CF215
Johnny CashSan Quentin (Live)15.10.2003CF224
Johnny CashStarkville City Jail (Live)15.10.2003CF224
Johnny CashSunday Morning Coming Down15.10.2003CF224
Johnny CashThe Ballad Of Ira Hayes15.10.2003CF224
Johnny CashThe One On The Right Is On The Left15.10.2003CF224
Johnny CashViel zu sp├Ąt (I Got Stripes)15.10.2003CF224
Johnny CashWanted Man (Live)15.10.2003CF224
Johnny CashWildwood In The Pines21.6.2006CF302
Rosanne CashRunaway Train21.12.2005CF290
Johnny Cash & June CarterJackson18.6.2003CF215
Johnny Cash & Nitty Gritty Dirt BandTears In The Holston River15.10.2003CF224
Cash BrothersNebraska18.6.2003CF215
Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson & Johnny RodriguezDeportee (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos)15.10.2003CF224
Troy Cassar-Daley40 Miles15.1.2003CF202
Troy Cassar-DaleyLonesome But Free20.6.2007CF327
Troy Cassar-Daley & David KirkpatrickGlory Bound Train15.2.2006CF294
Troy Cassar-Daley & Paul KellyWish I Was A Train16.7.2003CF217
Julie Chadbourne & Hard RydeTears From My Broken Heart19.11.2003CF227
Michael ChainSanta Claus Is Coming To Iraq21.12.2005CF290
Kasey ChambersLike A River16.6.2004CF244
Kasey ChambersPony16.3.2005CF267
Kasey ChambersThe Hard Way15.1.2003CF202
Greg ChampionCooee Motel21.4.2004CF240
Chatham County LineComing Home16.8.2006CF306
CherryholmesHow Long17.5.2006CF300
CherryholmesHow Long30.11.2005
CherryholmesI Don't Know29.11.2006
CherryholmesI Won't Go Away18.1.2006CF292
Kenny ChesneyBeer In Mexico21.2.2007CF319
Kenny ChesneyBig Star16.4.2003CF210
Kenny ChesneyBig Star19.3.2003CF208
Kenny ChesneyDon't Blink19.9.2007CF333
Kenny ChesneyI Go Back16.6.2004CF244
Kenny ChesneyI Go Back21.7.2004CF247
Kenny ChesneyKeg In The Closet18.5.2005CF273
Kenny ChesneyLiving In Fast Forward18.1.2006CF292
Kenny ChesneyNever Wanted Nothing More15.8.2007CF331
Kenny ChesneyNever Wanted Nothing More18.7.2007CF329
Kenny ChesneyNo Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems16.7.2003CF217
Kenny ChesneyNo Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems20.8.2003CF220
Kenny ChesneySummertime17.1.2007CF317
Kenny ChesneySummertime19.4.2006CF298
Kenny ChesneySummertime19.7.2006CF304
Kenny ChesneySummertime21.6.2006CF302
Kenny ChesneyThere Goes My Life19.11.2003CF227
Kenny ChesneyThere Goes My Life21.1.2004CF232
Kenny ChesneyThe Woman With You20.10.2004CF255
Kenny ChesneyWho You'd Be Today20.10.2005CF285
Kenny ChesneyYou Save Me20.9.2006CF308
Kenny Chesney & Uncle KrackerWhen The Sun Goes Down17.3.2004CF236
Kenny Chesney & Uncle KrackerWhen The Sun Goes Down19.1.2005CF263
Kenny Chesney & Uncle KrackerWhen The Sun Goes Down21.4.2004CF240
Mark ChesnutIt Sure Is Monday21.2.2007CF319
Eric ChurchGuys Like Me18.4.2007CF323
Eric ChurchHow 'Bout You15.3.2006CF296
The ChurchmenGet On Board17.12.2003CF230
Guy ClarkOut In The Parking Lot20.9.2006CF308
Terri ClarkDirty Girl16.5.2007CF325
Terri ClarkGirls Lie Too15.9.2004CF252
Terri ClarkGirls Lie Too19.5.2004CF242
Terri ClarkI Just Wanna Be Mad19.2.2003CF205
Terri ClarkI Think The World Needs A Drink15.12.2004CF260
Terri ClarkI Wanna Do It All17.12.2003CF230
Terri ClarkI Wanna Do It All21.1.2004CF232
Terri ClarkShe Didn't Have Time17.8.2005CF280
Bill Clifton & Red Rector & Art StamperCurly Headed Baby20.10.2004CF255
Bill Clifton & The Pick Of The CropThere's A Little Pine Log Cabin18.6.2003CF215
Patsy ClineShe's Got You19.3.2003CF208
Kellie CoffeyAt The End Of The Day15.1.2003CF202
Continental DivideMore Than I Can Bear17.8.2005CF280
John CorbettGood To Go15.3.2006CF296
Diana CorcoranAuctioneer15.9.2004CF252
Diana CorcoranI'll Fly Away17.3.2004CF236
Larry Cordle & Lonesome Standard TimeAnything Southbound31.3.2004
Elvis Costello & The AttractionsGood Year For The Roses16.11.2005CF287
Stan CosterIt's The Only Home He Knows16.6.2004CF244
Tracy CosterThree Rivers Hotel15.2.2006CF294
Tracy Coster & Anne KirkpatrickBack To The Saltbush Plains16.3.2005CF267
Classic Country GentlemenA Cold Wind A 'Blowin'20.10.2004CF255
John Cowan BandHurting Sure18.10.2006CF310
The Crooked JadesCan't Stare Down A Mountaineer15.11.2006CF312
The Crooked JadesFly Around (My Pretty Little Miss)16.8.2006CF306
The Crooked JadesHard For to Love16.5.2007CF325
The Crooked JadesLiza Jane17.9.2003CF222
The Crooked JadesPut My Little Shoes Away17.1.2007CF317
The Crooked JadesShady Grove18.2.2004CF234
The Crooked JadesThe Bull And The Bear17.9.2003CF222
The Crooked JadesThe Evening Train18.10.2006CF310
Mike CrossLiquor In The Well18.5.2005CF273
Mike CrossThe Farewell Toast18.5.2005CF273
Sheryl CrowNo Depression In Heaven17.11.2004CF257
J.D. Crowe & The New South & Curly SecklerI'll Go Steppin' Too30.3.2005
J.D. Crowe & The New SouthMississippi River Raft31.3.2004
J.D. Crowe & The Original New South (Tony Rice, Ricky Skaggs, Jerry Douglas, Bobby Slone)The Old Home Place31.3.2004
Billy CurringtonGood Directions15.11.2006CF312
Billy CurringtonI Got A Feelin'21.4.2004CF240
Billy CurringtonMust Be Doin' Somethin' Right17.8.2005CF280
Billy CurringtonTangled Up15.8.2007CF331
Billy CurringtonWalk A Little Straighter17.9.2003CF222
Billy CurringtonWhy, Why, Why19.4.2006CF298
Amy DalleyI Would Cry16.2.2005CF265
Charlie Daniels & Ricky SkaggsPreachin', Prayin', Singin'18.5.2005CF273
Daughters Of Bluegrass feat. Jeanette WilliamsHow's it Feel17.1.2007CF317
Stephanie DavisTalkin' Harvest Time Blues18.4.2007CF323
Dead Ringer BandSpeed Of The Sound Of Loneliness15.1.2003CF202
Billy DeanLet Them Be Little17.11.2004CF257
Cole Deggs & The LonesomeI Got More16.5.2007CF325
Grey DeLisleThe Jewel Of Abilene16.2.2005CF265
Grey DeLisleThe Maple Tree19.5.2004CF242
Grey DeLisleWho Made You King22.7.2005CF277
Grey DeLisleWillie We Have Missed You15.12.2004CF260
Iris DeMentHe Reached Down21.12.2005CF290
Iris DeMentWasteland Of The Free17.11.2004CF257
Peter DenahyDuncan15.2.2006CF294
Peter DenahyPeppercorn Tree20.6.2007CF327
DerailersWho's Gonna Mow Your Grass15.8.2007CF331
The DerailersCold Beer, Hot Women And Cool Country Music16.8.2006CF306
The DerailersI'm Still Missing You15.11.2006CF312
Diamond RioGod Only Cries21.6.2006CF302
Diamond RioI Believe19.3.2003CF208
Diamond RioI Believe21.5.2003CF213
Joe DiffieJohn Deere Green21.2.2007CF319
Joe DiffieTougher Than Nails21.4.2004CF240
Dingo's BreakfastFred Pottinger15.1.2003CF202
Dixie ChicksBetter End19.7.2006CF304
Dixie ChicksEverybody Knows21.6.2006CF302
Dixie ChicksGodspeed (Sweet Dreams)16.7.2003CF217
Dixie ChicksGoodbye Earl21.2.2007CF319
Dixie ChicksI Can Love You Better20.8.2003CF220
Dixie ChicksI Hope18.1.2006CF292
Dixie ChicksLong Time Gone17.9.2003CF222
Dixie ChicksLullaby21.6.2006CF302
Dixie ChicksNot Ready To Make Nice19.4.2006CF298
Dixie ChicksTaking The Long Way21.6.2006CF302
Dixie ChicksThe Long Way Around17.1.2007CF317
Dixie ChicksTravelin' Soldier19.2.2003CF205
Dixie ChicksTravelin' Soldier19.3.2003CF208
Dixie ChicksTruth No. 221.5.2003CF213
Dixie ChicksTruth Number 2 (Live)18.8.2004CF250
Dixie ChicksWhistles And Bells16.4.2003CF210
Dixie ChicksWhite Trash Wedding18.6.2003CF215
Doodoo WahSweet Pea Septic Service18.10.2006CF310
Doodoo WahThat's What's The Matter With Men18.10.2006CF310
Doodoo WahThe Big Five-O18.5.2005CF273
Jerry DouglasLittle Martha19.3.2003CF208
Jerry Douglas & Alison KraussBack In Love Again18.1.2006CF292
Jerry Douglas & Maura O'ConnellFootsteps Fall21.5.2003CF213
Jerry Douglas & Sam Bush & Bela FleckWho's Your Uncle20.10.2005CF285
Jerry Douglas with Sammy Shelor, Brian Sutton, Ronnie Stewart, Adam Steffey, Barry BalesPatrick Meets The Brickbats29.1.2003
Doyle & DebbieGrandma Flickrtail21.2.2007CF319
Doyle & DebbieStock Car Love21.2.2007CF319
Dave DudleySix Days On The Road21.1.2004CF232
The DuhksCamptown Races17.11.2004CF257
The DuhksDance Hall Girls/Bozeemon Boogie15.6.2005CF275
The DuhksDown To The River/Jeb's Tune20.9.2006CF308
Slim DustyAnswer To Billy17.3.2004CF236
Slim DustyIndian Pacific (Live)19.9.2007CF333
Slim DustyLeave Him In The Longyard15.10.2003CF224
Slim DustyLooking Forward Looking Back (Reprise)15.2.2006CF294
Slim DustyOld Bush Barbeque16.6.2004CF244
Slim DustyThe Pub With No Beer15.10.2003CF224
Slim DustyWaltzing Matilda15.10.2003CF224
Slim Dusty & Kasey ChambersMatilda No More17.3.2004CF236
Tony DzikAnother Turnip Fallen From The Truck19.11.2003CF227
EaglesHow Long19.9.2007CF333
Fred Eaglesmith & The Flying SquirrelsSummerlea16.2.2005CF265
Steve EarleRich Man's War17.11.2004CF257
Steve EarleSara's Angel15.8.2007CF331
Steve EarleWillin'21.3.2007CF321
Steve Earle & Emmylou HarrisComin' Around17.11.2004CF257
Steve Earle & Iris DeMent & The Del McCoury BandI'm Still In Love With You16.2.2005CF265
Laurel EdwardsC'mon Down16.7.2003CF217
Laurel EdwardsFreedom Road17.3.2004CF236
Tommy EdwardsA Christmas Letter17.12.2003CF230
Katrina ElamNo End In Sight15.9.2004CF252
Eleven Hundred Springs & Ronnie DawsonWhy You Been Gone So Long19.1.2005CF263
Lorne ElliottPrison Dance18.7.2007CF329
Emerson DriveA Good Man19.7.2006CF304
Emerson DriveMoments20.6.2007CF327
Emerson DriveMoments21.3.2007CF321
Bill Engvall & Neal McCoyHere's Your Sign (Don't Mess With Us)21.1.2004CF232
Erica JoI'm Not Lisa16.11.2005CF287
Sara EvansA Real Fine Place To Start15.6.2005CF275
Sara EvansAs If15.8.2007CF331
Sara EvansBackseat Of A Greyhound Bus20.8.2003CF220
Sara EvansCoalmine21.6.2006CF302
Sara EvansPerfect21.1.2004CF232
Sara EvansSuds In The Bucket20.10.2004CF255
Sara EvansYou'll Always Be My Baby18.10.2006CF310
Sue FabischThe Kids Are Finally Asleep18.7.2007CF329
Sue FabischThe Mom Of Constant Sorrow19.5.2004CF242
Sue FabishWhite Trash Husband21.12.2005CF290
Shelly FairchildTiny Town16.2.2005CF265
Shelly FairchildYou Don't Lie Here Anymore15.12.2004CF260
Nothin' FancyI Washed My Face In The Morning Dew17.1.2007CF317
Freddy FenderBefore The Next Teardrop Falls15.11.2006CF312
Flatt & ScruggsHe Will Set Your Fields On Fire (Live)15.8.2007CF331
Flatt & ScruggsHot Corn Cold Corn (Live)15.8.2007CF331
Flatt & ScruggsSalty Dog Blues (Live)15.8.2007CF331
Flatt & ScruggsThe Martha White Theme15.8.2007CF331
Flatt & Scruggs with Merle TravisGotta Travel On (Live)15.8.2007CF331
Flatt & Scruggs with Merle TravisMountain Dew (Live)15.8.2007CF331
The FloodHello Blue Sky19.4.2006CF298
Flying EmusDiamond Creek16.3.2005CF267
Pat FlynnMother Lode16.2.2005CF265
Pat FlynnThis Heart Of Mine15.8.2007CF331
Jeff FoxworthyRedneck 12 Days Of Christmas17.12.2003CF230
FreakwaterLittle Red Riding Hood22.7.2005CF277
FrontlineWhen Life Is Good18.2.2004CF234
Robbie FulksWhere There's A Road22.7.2005CF277
Mary GauthierMercy Now22.9.2005CF283
GeezinslawsHank Williams Led A Happy Life19.2.2003CF205
Gibson BrothersAlone With You19.5.2004CF242
Gibson BrothersRailroad Line18.2.2004CF234
Gibson BrothersThat Bluegrass Music30.3.2005
Greg GilesGetting Too Old For This16.7.2003CF217
Eliza GilkysonCalm Before The Storm22.9.2005CF283
Eliza GilkysonHiway 918.8.2004CF250
Eliza Gilkyson & Patty Griffin & Mary Chapin Carpenter & Iris DeMentPeace Call17.11.2004CF257
Vince GillNext Big Thing19.2.2003CF205
Vince GillThe Reason Why15.11.2006CF312
Vince Gill & Del McCoury BandCold Gray Light Of Gone29.11.2006
GourdsMeat Off The Bone19.7.2006CF304
Josh GracinFavorite State Of Mind19.4.2006CF298
Josh GracinI Keep Coming Back20.12.2006CF315
Josh GracinI Want To Live19.5.2004CF242
Josh GracinNothin' To Lose17.11.2004CF257
Josh GracinNothin' To Lose19.1.2005CF263
Josh GracinStay With Me (Brass Bed)18.5.2005CF273
The GrascalsMe And John And Paul30.11.2005
Grascals & Steve WarinerHoedown In Motown29.11.2006
The Grascals & Dolly PartonViva Las Vegas20.10.2005CF285
The Grass CatsLong Way Back17.1.2007CF317
Pat GreenBaby Doll20.4.2005CF271
Pat GreenDixie Lullaby21.3.2007CF321
Pat GreenDon't Break My Heart Again20.10.2004CF255
Pat GreenFeels Just Like It Should19.7.2006CF304
Pat GreenWave On Wave17.12.2003CF230
Pat GreenWave On Wave17.9.2003CF222
The GreencardsLonesome Side Of Town16.5.2007CF325
The GreencardsThe Far Side Of The Hill16.2.2005CF265
The GreencardsTime20.10.2005CF285
Johnny GreerAre You Missing Me18.2.2004CF234
Andy GriggsIf Heaven15.12.2004CF260
Hackensaw BoysDance Around15.6.2005CF275
Hackensaw BoysNashville17.8.2005CF280
Hackensaw BoysSun's Work Undone21.12.2005CF290
Merle HaggardAmerica First16.11.2005CF287
Merle HaggardThat's The News17.9.2003CF222
Merle HaggardThat's The News18.8.2004CF250
Merle HaggardThe Bottle Let Me Down22.7.2005CF277
Halfway To HazardDaisy16.5.2007CF325
The Handsome FamilyThere Will Be Peace In The Valley Once Again21.6.2006CF302
Jennifer HansonBeautiful Goodbye19.2.2003CF205
Jennifer HansonBeautiful Goodbye19.3.2003CF208
Emmylou HarrisRoses In The Snow21.7.2004CF247
Rolf HarrisBohemian Rhapsody21.2.2007CF319
Harvest MoonMoody Rag15.11.2006CF312
Harvest MoonSioux City Sue20.12.2006CF315
Adam HarveyCall It Love17.3.2004CF236
Adam HarveyI Feel Like Hank Williams Tonight19.3.2003CF208
Adam HarveyNoby Knows16.3.2005CF267
Adam HarveyThe Biggest Fool20.6.2007CF327
Vince HatfieldGeorge Bush For Our U.S.A.16.4.2003CF210
Vince HatfieldSmall Town Love19.11.2003CF227
Vince HatfieldYou've Got To Stop And Smell The Roses22.7.2005CF277
Lisa HayesWhere Angels Fear To Go20.12.2006CF315
Hayseed DixieFat Bottom Girls20.10.2005CF285
Hayseed DixieHighway To Hell (Live)22.9.2005CF283
Hayseed DixieMonster Mash17.1.2007CF317
Hayseed DixieMoonshiner's Daughter15.3.2006CF296
Hayseed DixieParadise (Live)17.5.2006CF300
Hayseed DixiePoop (Live)17.5.2006CF300
Hayseed DixieWill The Circle Be Unbroken (Live)22.9.2005CF283
HeartlandI Loved Her First19.7.2006CF304
Blue HighwayWondrous Love30.3.2005
HighwaymenIf He Came Back Again20.10.2005CF285
Faith HillLost18.7.2007CF329
Faith HillMississippi Girl15.6.2005CF275
Faith HillPiece Of My Heart20.8.2003CF220
Faith HillStealing Kisses15.11.2006CF312
Faith HillThe Lucky One15.3.2006CF296
Hillbilly BoogiemenHitparade Of Love19.5.2004CF242
Hillbilly BoogiemenOle Slewfoot17.5.2006CF300
Hillbilly LovechildDust On My Saddle15.1.2003CF202
Rex Hobart & The Misery BoysEvery Rose Has Its Thorn18.7.2007CF329
David HoltSlowfood19.7.2006CF304
Steve HolyBrand New Girlfriend17.5.2006CF300
Steve HolyPut Your Best Dress On15.9.2004CF252
Homer & Jethro & June CarterBaby, It's Cold Outside18.6.2003CF215
HorsefliesIko Iko18.6.2003CF215
Hot Apple PieHillbillies15.6.2005CF275
Hot Buttered RumWedding Day15.3.2006CF296
Rebecca Lynn Howard & Alecia NugentThe Angels Rejoiced30.3.2005
Donna HughesBottom Of A Glass21.2.2007CF319
Jedd HughesSoldier For The Lonely16.3.2005CF267
IBMA 2005 Instrumental Performers Of The Year Band (Jim Wills, Mike Bub, Stuart Duncan, Phil Ledbetter Bryan Sutton & Adam Steffey)Big Mon29.11.2006
IIIrd Tyme OutRaining In L.A.31.3.2004
IIIrd Tyme OutThe Best Durn Ride20.10.2004CF255
Jack IngramLips Of An Angel21.2.2007CF319
Jack IngramLove You19.7.2006CF304
Jack IngramMeasure Of A Man20.6.2007CF327
Jack IngramWherever You Are21.12.2005CF290
The IsaacsHe Ain't Never Done Me Nothing But Good31.3.2004
The IsaacsStar Spangled Banner30.11.2005
Alan JacksonA Woman's Love (1998)21.3.2007CF321
Alan JacksonA Woman's Love (2007)21.3.2007CF321
Alan JacksonChattahoochee (Club Mix 2)20.8.2003CF220
Alan JacksonLike Red On A Rose16.8.2006CF306
Alan JacksonMonday Morning Church17.11.2004CF257
Alan JacksonRemember When17.12.2003CF230
Alan JacksonRemember When18.2.2004CF234
Alan JacksonRemember When19.1.2005CF263
Alan JacksonRemember When21.1.2004CF232
Alan JacksonThat'd Be Alright19.2.2003CF205
Alan JacksonThe Talkin' Song Repair Blues20.4.2005CF271
Alan JacksonToo Much Of A Good Thing21.7.2004CF247
Alan JacksonUSA Today22.9.2005CF283
Alan JacksonWhere Were You (When The World Stopped Turning)(Live)20.8.2003CF220
Alan Jackson & Jimmy BuffettIt's Five O'Clock Somewhere16.7.2003CF217
Alan Jackson & Jimmy BuffettIt's Five O'Clock Somewhere17.9.2003CF222
Alan Jackson & Jimmy BuffettIt's Five O'Clock Somewhere20.8.2003CF220
Keith JamiesonA Picture Of Australia15.9.2004CF252
Duane JarvisCocktail Napkin19.3.2003CF208
The JenkinsBlame It On Mama16.6.2004CF244
Waylon JenningsAmerica22.9.2005CF283
Waylon JenningsTheme From 'Dukes Of Hazzard' (Good Ol' Boys)16.4.2003CF210
Buddy JewellIf She Were Any Other Woman20.4.2005CF271
Buddy JewellSweet Southern Comfort21.4.2004CF240
Carolyn Dawn JohnsonSimple Life18.2.2004CF234
Carolyn Dawn JohnsonTaking Back My Brave18.10.2006CF310
Uncle Joe Johnson & His Blue Mountain BoysGonna Raise A Ruckus Tonight18.4.2007CF323
Johnson Mountain Boys & Ray MyersA Mansion Will Be Mine18.4.2007CF323
Jonah's RoadCounting Down The Days19.9.2007CF333
Grandpa JonesMountain Dew16.2.2005CF265
Kacey JonesSan Francisco Mabel Joy19.7.2006CF304
Mike JonesGinny's Song17.8.2005CF280
Nora Jones & Dolly PartonCreepin' In21.7.2004CF247
Sally Jones & Chris JonesThanks Again15.8.2007CF331
Lorraine JordanAmazing Grace20.12.2006CF315
Lorraine JordanSoldier's Farewell18.1.2006CF292
Lorraine Jordan & Carolina RoadTupelo County Jail18.10.2006CF310
Jordan RiverI'm Learning To Lean15.12.2004CF260
Cledus T. Judd270 Somethin'18.6.2003CF215
Cledus T. JuddMarty Emily And Natalie (The Continuing Saga Of...)19.11.2003CF227
Cledus T. JuddPaycheck Woman20.4.2005CF271
Dale JunerLivin' While I Learn20.6.2007CF327
Kathy KallickAll The Good Times (Are Past And Gone)21.5.2003CF213
Kathy KallickWalkin' In My Shoes18.2.2004CF234
Kathy KallickYou Just Took Me Away31.3.2004
Kathy Kallick BandThe Messenger18.5.2005CF273
Kathy Kallick BandThis Last Request19.5.2004CF242
Kieran Kane, Kevin Welch & Fats KaplinLost John Dean18.10.2006CF310
Bill & Kasey ChambersThings Are Not The Same On The Land15.2.2006CF294
Maro KawabataDan River15.12.2004CF260
Robert Earl KeenFurnace Fan18.8.2004CF250
Robert Earl KeenMariano20.9.2006CF308
Robert Earl KeenOut Here In The Middle15.9.2004CF252
Robert Earl KeenWhat I Really Mean15.6.2005CF275
Toby KeithA Little Too Late17.5.2006CF300
Toby KeithAmerican Soldier17.3.2004CF236
Toby KeithAmerican Soldier18.2.2004CF234
Toby KeithAs Good As I Once Was15.6.2005CF275
Toby KeithAs Good As I Once Was17.8.2005CF280
Toby KeithBig Blue Note20.10.2005CF285
Toby KeithCrash Here Tonight20.9.2006CF308
Toby KeithGet Drunk And Be Somebody18.1.2006CF292
Toby KeithHigh Maintenance Woman21.3.2007CF321
Toby KeithHonky Tonk U16.3.2005CF267
Toby KeithI Love This Bar17.12.2003CF230
Toby KeithI Love This Bar17.9.2003CF222
Toby KeithI Love This Bar19.11.2003CF227
Toby KeithLove Me If You Can18.7.2007CF329
Toby KeithRock You Baby19.3.2003CF208
Toby KeithStays In Mexico15.9.2004CF252
Toby KeithStays In Mexico19.1.2005CF263
Toby KeithWho's Your Daddy15.1.2003CF202
Toby Keith & Willie NelsonBeer For My Horses16.7.2003CF217
Toby Keith & Willie NelsonBeer For My Horses18.6.2003CF215
Toby Keith & Willie NelsonBeer For My Horses21.5.2003CF213
Toby Keith with KrystalMockingbird15.12.2004CF260
Toby Keith with KrystalMockingbird19.1.2005CF263
Paul KellySong Of The Old Rake18.1.2006CF292
Paul Kelly & The Stormwater Boys and Kacey ChambersYou're Learning15.3.2006CF296
Paul Kelly & Uncle BillSydney From A 74720.6.2007CF327
Paul Kelly & Uncle BillUntil Death Do Them Part17.1.2007CF317
The KendallsThank God For The Radio21.4.2004CF240
Bap KennedyLost Highway21.4.2004CF240
Lee KernaghanBack To The Shack15.9.2004CF252
Lee KernaghanElectric Rodeo17.3.2004CF236
Lee KernaghanLeave Him In The Longyard15.2.2006CF294
Tania KernaghanCamooweal15.2.2006CF294
Tania KernaghanGoin' Bush15.1.2003CF202
Lee Kernaghan & Colin BuchananMissin' Slim20.6.2007CF327
Lee Kernaghan & David KirkpatrickPub With No Beer15.2.2006CF294
Lee Kernaghan & Travis SinclairI'm From The Country16.7.2003CF217
Loose Bruce KerrThe Times They Haven't Changed Much18.7.2007CF329
Sammy KershawI Want My Money Back19.2.2003CF205
Sammy KershawTennessee Girl16.8.2006CF306
The Kicking Grass BandAin't Got Nothin'15.3.2006CF296
Kid Rock & Allison MoorerPicture16.4.2003CF210
The Kirby Knob BoysLong Black Veil18.5.2005CF273
Anne KirkpatrickWhen The Rain Tumbles Down In July15.2.2006CF294
The KnittersPoor Little Critter In The Road16.11.2005CF287
The KnittersSomeone Like You16.11.2005CF287
Alison KraussThe Scarlet Tide21.4.2004CF240
Alison Krauss & Union Station & David Grisman, Sam Bush, Larry Sparks, Sierra HullSawin' On The Strings30.3.2005
Alison Krauss & Union StationEvery Time You Say Goodbye31.3.2004
Alison Krauss & Union Station featuring Jerry DouglasPoor Old Heart30.11.2005
Alison Krauss & Union StationGoodbye Is All We Have18.1.2006CF292
Alison Krauss & Union StationLet Me Touch You For A While29.1.2003
Alison Krauss & Union StationRestless30.3.2005
Miranda LambertBring Me Down22.7.2005CF277
Miranda LambertFamous In A Small Town18.4.2007CF323
Miranda LambertKerosene16.11.2005CF287
Miranda LambertMe And Charlie Talking17.11.2004CF257
Miranda LambertNew Strings21.6.2006CF302
Jim LaneyBlue Kentucky Mountains17.1.2007CF317
K.D. LangTurn Me Round 21.1.2004CF232
Rick Lang and FriendsHeavenly Peace17.12.2003CF230
Jon Langford & Sally TimmsThe Plans We Made22.7.2005CF277
Larry The Cable GuyThe Right To Bare Arms18.5.2005CF273
Blaine LarsenHow Do You Get That Lonely15.12.2004CF260
Blaine LarsenHow Do You Get That Lonely19.1.2005CF263
Blaine LarsenThe Best Man17.8.2005CF280
Leah LarsonA Little Ways Down The Road18.5.2005CF273
Leah LarsonSun's Gonna Shine In My Backdoor Someday15.12.2004CF260
The Last SupperteersSo Far So Good19.9.2007CF333
Jim LauderdaleI Met Jesus In A Bar20.12.2006CF315
Jim LauderdaleTime's A Looking Glass20.12.2006CF315
Jim Lauderdale & Ralph StanleyI Feel Like Heaven Today15.12.2004CF260
Jim Lauderdale & Ralph StanleyLost In The Lonesome Pines18.2.2004CF234
Jim Lauderdale & Ralph StanleyThe Apples Are Just Turning Ripe21.5.2003CF213
Amber LawrenceThings That Bring Me Down19.9.2007CF333
Tracy LawrenceIf I Don't Make It Back15.2.2006CF294
Tracy LawrencePaint Me A Birmingham17.3.2004CF236
Tracy LawrenceSawdust On Her Halo (Club Mix)15.12.2004CF260
Doyle Lawson & QuicksilverBlue Train29.1.2003
Doyle Lawson & QuicksilverFar Better Than This17.5.2006CF300
Doyle Lawson & QuicksilverHeartbreak #930.3.2005
Doyle Lawson & QuicksilverHelp Me Lord20.12.2006CF315
Doyle Lawson & QuicksilverLord I've Been A Hard Working Pilgrim21.3.2007CF321
Doyle Lawson & QuicksilverSadie's Got A New Dress On29.11.2006
Doyle Lawson & QuicksilverThe Hard Game Of Love31.3.2004
Doyle Lawson & QuicksilverWhen I'm Knee Deep In Bluegrass15.3.2006CF296
Doyle Lawson & QuicksilverYou Gotta Dig A Little Deeper20.10.2005CF285
Doyle Lawson & QuicksilverYou Gotta Dig A Little Deeper30.11.2005
Leaping Lizards Bush BandSouth Australia19.9.2007CF333
Nate LeathSally Ann17.1.2007CF317
Phil LedbetterSteel Guitar Rag30.11.2005
Phil Ledbetter & Marty RaybonCalifornia Cotton Fields18.5.2005CF273
Phil Ledbetter & Marty Raybon & Stuart DuncanCalifornia Cottonfields30.11.2005
Albert Lee(I'm A) Road Runner15.11.2006CF312
Albert LeeRock Of Your Love19.7.2006CF304
Elizabeth LePrelleGypsen Davey18.1.2006CF292
Laurie Lewis & The Right HandsRank Stranger18.10.2006CF310
Laurie Lewis & Tom RozumQuiet Hills16.5.2007CF325
The Lewis Family, The Isaacs Jeff Easter & Sheri EasterAnd The Walls Came Tumbling Down29.11.2006
Lilly Brothers & Don StoverThat Star Belongs To Me21.5.2003CF213
Lilly Brothers with Peter Rowan, Bill Keith, Tim O'Brien, Jason CarterLittle Annie29.1.2003
Lilly Of The WestSail On The Wild, Wild Wind21.5.2003CF213
Aaron LinesWaitin' On The Wonderful18.5.2005CF273
Aaron LinesYou Can't Hide Beautiful19.2.2003CF205
Jimmy Little & Troy Cassar-DaleyDown The Road17.3.2004CF236
Little Big TownA Little More You16.5.2007CF325
Little Big TownBoondocks17.8.2005CF280
Little Big TownBring It On Home15.3.2006CF296
Little Big TownGood As Gone15.11.2006CF312
The Little WilliesI Gotta Get Drunk21.6.2006CF302
Lonesome DayYou Put The Blue In Me17.8.2005CF280
Lonesome River BandWhen You Go Walking20.9.2006CF308
LonestarClass Reunion (That Used To Be Us)16.2.2005CF265
LonestarLet's Be Us Again21.4.2004CF240
LonestarMr. Mom15.9.2004CF252
LonestarMr. Mom17.11.2004CF257
LonestarMy Front Porch Looking In16.7.2003CF217
LonestarMy Front Porch Looking In18.6.2003CF215
LonestarMy Front Porch Looking In21.5.2003CF213
LonestarUnusually Unusual15.1.2003CF202
LonestarYou're Like Coming Home22.7.2005CF277
Mary Lou LordCold Company18.7.2007CF329
The Lost TrailersCall Me Crazy17.5.2006CF300
Louvin BrothersMust You Throw Dirt In My Face18.2.2004CF234
Louvin BrothersYou'll Meet Him In The Clouds21.12.2005CF290
Patty LovelessChristmas Time's A Comin' 15.12.2004CF260
Patty LovelessKeep Your Distance22.9.2005CF283
Patty LovelessLovin' All Night17.9.2003CF222
Patty LovelessWhen Being Who You Are Is Not Enough21.12.2005CF290
Patty LovelessYou'll Never Leave Harlan Alive29.1.2003
Patty Loveless & Dwight YoakamNever Ending Song Of Love16.11.2005CF287
Claire LynchSecond Wind15.11.2006CF312
Claire Lynch BandUp This Hill And Down29.11.2006
Karen LynneThe Circle Is Small15.3.2006CF296
Karen LynneThis Man I Love16.7.2003CF217
Karen LynneWe Should Only Have Time For Love17.5.2006CF300
Rockie LynneLipstick21.12.2005CF290
Karen Lynne & Acoustic ShockHomefires18.5.2005CF273
Karen Lynne & Acoustic ShockNo Longer A Sweetheart Of Mine15.6.2005CF275
Karen Lynne & Acoustic ShockThis Flower16.2.2005CF265
LeRoy MackA Matter Of Policy19.11.2003CF227
Uncle Dave MaconCarve That Possum18.2.2004CF234
Magnificent SevenTubular Cowbells16.6.2004CF244
Malibu StormLong Way To Fall15.12.2004CF260
The Lisa Marr ExperimentRiding In The Buggy Miss Mary Jane15.11.2006CF312
Jimmy MartinSunny Side Of The Mountain15.6.2005CF275
Jessica MauboyGirls Just Wanna Have Fun16.3.2005CF267
Baker MaultsbyFour Wal-Marts22.9.2005CF283
Tom MaxwellThe Isa Rodeo17.3.2004CF236
Drew McAlisterAlong For The Ride19.9.2007CF333
Martina McBrideAnyway21.2.2007CF319
Martina McBrideConcrete Angel19.3.2003CF208
Martina McBrideGod's Will16.2.2005CF265
Martina McBrideHow Far19.5.2004CF242
Martina McBrideHow I Feel20.6.2007CF327
Martina McBride(I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden22.9.2005CF283
Martina McBrideIn My Daughter's Eyes21.1.2004CF232
Martina McBrideThis One's For The Girls20.8.2003CF220
Charlie McClainRadio Heart18.4.2007CF323
Mike McCollumLucky Dog17.8.2005CF280
Mike McCollum & Andrea ZonnI'm So Happy To See You22.7.2005CF277
Brian McComas99.9% Sure (I've Never Been Here Before)16.7.2003CF217
Brian McComas99.9% Sure (I've Never Been Here Before)18.6.2003CF215
Brian McComasYou're In My Head17.3.2004CF236
Del McCoury & FriendsI Hear A Sweet Voice Calling30.11.2005
Del McCoury BandAll Aboard29.1.2003
Del McCoury BandDry My Tears And Move On30.3.2005
Del McCoury BandLed By The Master's Hand29.11.2006
Del McCoury BandNothing Special30.11.2005
Del McCoury Band & Paddy MaloneyRain And Snow31.3.2004
Neal McCoyBilly's Got His Beer Goggles On22.7.2005CF277
Neal McCoyThe Last Of A Dying Breed17.5.2006CF300
Neal McCoyWink20.8.2003CF220
Reba McEntireHe Gets That From Me20.10.2004CF255
Reba McEntireMy Sister18.5.2005CF273
Reba McEntireSomebody17.3.2004CF236
Reba McEntireYou're Gonna Be (Always Be Loved By Me)20.10.2005CF285
Reba McEntire & Kelly ClarksonBecause Of You18.7.2007CF329
Janet McGarryLord It's A Hard Road Home18.1.2006CF292
Patsy McGlamry-DeanI Guess He's Out Drinkin'19.11.2003CF227
Tim McGrawBack When20.10.2004CF255
Tim McGrawDo You Want Fries With That22.7.2005CF277
Tim McGrawDrugs Or Jesus16.3.2005CF267
Tim McGrawIf You're Reading This20.6.2007CF327
Tim McGrawLast Dollar (Fly Away)18.4.2007CF323
Tim McGrawLast Dollar (Fly Away)21.2.2007CF319
Tim McGrawLive Like You Were Dying16.6.2004CF244
Tim McGrawLive Like You Were Dying18.8.2004CF250
Tim McGrawLive Like You Were Dying21.7.2004CF247
Tim McGrawMy Little Girl20.9.2006CF308
Tim McGrawMy Old Friend18.1.2006CF292
Tim McGrawReal Good Man16.7.2003CF217
Tim McGrawReal Good Man17.9.2003CF222
Tim McGrawRed Ragtop15.1.2003CF202
Tim McGrawShe's My Kind Of Rain19.3.2003CF208
Tim McGrawShe's My Kind Of Rain21.5.2003CF213
Tim McGrawWatch The Wind Go By17.12.2003CF230
Tim McGrawWhen The Stars Go Blue19.4.2006CF298
Tim McGraw with Faith HillI Need You16.5.2007CF325
Mark McGuinnBring 'em Back17.8.2005CF280
K.C. McKanzieFollow The Road15.11.2006CF312
K.C. McKanzieHe Moves Me22.7.2005CF277
James McMurtryMemorial Day18.7.2007CF329
James McMurtryWe Can't Make it Here18.7.2007CF329
Jim and Jesse McReynoldsDiesel On My Tail29.1.2003
Jim and Jesse McReynoldsTennessee19.3.2003CF208
Jesse McReynolds & Charles WhitsteinAre You Missing Me15.6.2005CF275
The Meat PurveyorsBurning Love21.2.2007CF319
The Meat PurveyorsDon't You Want Me Baby18.10.2006CF310
The Meat PurveyorsMonday Morning15.6.2005CF275
The Meat PurveyorsS.O.S.17.8.2005CF280
The Meat PurveyorsTallboy21.1.2004CF232
The Meat PurveyorsWillow Garden21.7.2004CF247
Markus MeierMatilda Road19.9.2007CF333
MekonsLast Dance16.11.2005CF287
John MellencampOur Country20.12.2006CF315
John MellencampTo Washington16.4.2003CF210
Tift MerrittGood Hearted Man16.3.2005CF267
Jo Dee MessinaDelicious Surprise (I Believe It)17.8.2005CF280
Jo Dee MessinaIt's Too Late To Worry16.8.2006CF306
Jo Dee MessinaI Wish17.12.2003CF230
Jo Dee MessinaMy Give A Damn's Busted16.2.2005CF265
Jo Dee MessinaMy Give A Damn's Busted18.5.2005CF273
Jo Dee MessinaNot Going Down15.2.2006CF294
Liz MeyerMy Favorite Time Of The Year15.6.2005CF275
Liz MeyerThe Storm18.5.2005CF273
Liz Meyer & NuggettThe Only Way The Wind Blows21.7.2004CF247
Jeff MidkiffGrey Hawk19.11.2003CF227
Scott Miller & The CommonwealthDaddy Raised A Boy19.3.2003CF208
The Misty Valley BoysNowhere Man15.6.2005CF275
Katy MoffattBlack Diamond18.6.2003CF215
James MonroeKentucky Sweetheart16.2.2005CF265
Bill Monroe & The Bluegrass BoysBlue Moon Of Kentucky15.8.2007CF331
Bill Monroe & The Bluegrass BoysJohn Henry (Live)16.5.2007CF325
Bill Monroe & The Bluegrass BoysMy Sweet Blue Eyed Darling (Live)16.5.2007CF325
Bill Monroe & The Bluegrass BoysUncle Pen (Live)16.5.2007CF325
Bill Monroe & The Bluegrass BoysWalk Softly On My Heart21.3.2007CF321
Monroe BrothersBanks Of The Ohio18.2.2004CF234
Monroe CrossingGotta Travel On21.3.2007CF321
Monroe CrossingJust Because Of You18.2.2004CF234
Ashley Monroe with Ronnie DunnI Don't Want To20.12.2006CF315
John Michael MontgomeryLetters From Home16.6.2004CF244
Montgomery GentryGone15.12.2004CF260
Montgomery GentryHell Yeah19.11.2003CF227
Montgomery GentryIf You Ever Stop Loving Me21.4.2004CF240
Montgomery GentryLucky Man18.7.2007CF329
Montgomery GentryLucky Man21.3.2007CF321
Montgomery GentryShe Don't Tell Me To16.11.2005CF287
Montgomery GentrySome People Change16.8.2006CF306
Montgomery GentrySomething To Be Proud Of15.6.2005CF275
Montgomery GentrySomething To Be Proud Of20.10.2005CF285
Montgomery GentrySpeed16.4.2003CF210
Montgomery GentrySpeed18.6.2003CF215
Montgomery GentryYou Do Your Thing18.8.2004CF250
Rock MoranRose19.7.2006CF304
Craig MorganAlmost Home21.5.2003CF213
Craig MorganI Got You18.1.2006CF292
Craig MorganLittle Bit Of Life20.9.2006CF308
Craig MorganLook At Us18.8.2004CF250
Craig MorganThat's What I Love About Sunday19.1.2005CF263
Craig MorganThat's What I Love About Sunday20.4.2005CF271
Craig MorganTough16.5.2007CF325
Amos MorrisThe Rain Don't Tumble Down Here In July20.6.2007CF327
Morrison-WilliamsDuct Tape15.11.2006CF312
Daryl Mosley & Tim GravesBlue Side Of Lonesome21.7.2004CF247
Mountain HeartHeart Like A Road Sign, Head Like A Wheel31.3.2004
Mountain HeartHow Strong Do My Walls Have To Be17.9.2003CF222
Mountain HeartI'm Just Here To Ride The Train30.11.2005
Mountain HeartRamblin' Heart/Real Time29.1.2003
Mountain HeartTwister (Devil's Dance)30.3.2005
Mount ZionLast Days Of Time18.8.2004CF250
Mount ZionMoses Prayed15.12.2004CF260
Mt. Zion QuartetGod Loves His Children18.4.2007CF323
Karen Mueller & Ron WallForked Deer/Blackberry Blossom21.7.2004CF247
Megan MullinsAin't What It Used To Be17.5.2006CF300
David Lee MurphyLoco21.4.2004CF240
Jimmy MurphyI Get A Longing To Hear Hank Sing The Blues21.1.2004CF232
Frankie Navin & Johnny Navin25 Minutees To Go22.7.2005CF277
Willie NelsonCowboys Are Secretly, Frequently (Fond Of Each Other)15.3.2006CF296
Willie NelsonCrazy19.3.2003CF208
Willie NelsonMidnight Rider17.11.2004CF257
Willie NelsonYou Don't Know Me19.4.2006CF298
New Grass RevivalCallin' Baton Rouge18.5.2005CF273
New Grass RevivalSaw You Runnin'16.5.2007CF325
New Lost City RamblersCrow Black Chicken16.8.2006CF306
Mark Newton BandA Beautiful Home21.7.2004CF247
Mark Newton BandHillbilly Hemmingway17.1.2007CF317
Gary NicholsUnbroken Ground19.7.2006CF304
Joe NicholsBrokenheartsville16.4.2003CF210
Joe NicholsBrokenheartsville19.2.2003CF205
Joe NicholsBrokenheartsville19.3.2003CF208
Joe NicholsCool To Be A Fool18.2.2004CF234
Joe NicholsIf Nobody Believed In You19.5.2004CF242
Joe NicholsI'll Wait For You18.10.2006CF310
Joe NicholsShe Only Drinks When She Smokes20.8.2003CF220
Joe NicholsTequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off21.12.2005CF290
Joe NicholsTequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off22.9.2005CF283
Joe NicholsWhat's A Guy Gotta Do19.1.2005CF263
Nickel CreekDoubting Thomas17.8.2005CF280
Nickel CreekSomebody More Like You22.9.2005CF283
Nickel CreekWhen In Rome20.10.2005CF285
Ross NickersonRed River Valley16.2.2005CF265
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band & Alison KraussCatfish John21.1.2004CF232
Nitty Gritty Dirt band & June Carter & Earl ScruggsDiamonds In The Rough18.6.2003CF215
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band & Roy AcuffI Saw The Light19.2.2003CF205
Michelle NixonWhen It's Christmas In Virginia17.12.2003CF230
Michelle Nixon & DriveHarlan21.7.2004CF247
Daron NorwoodIn God We Trust16.4.2003CF210
Nothin' FancyOnce Upon A Road17.9.2003CF222
Alecia NugentI Cried All The Way To Kentucky17.5.2006CF300
Alecia NugentYou Don't Have To Go Home15.12.2004CF260
Tim O'BrienHold On16.11.2005CF287
Tim O'BrienLet Love Take You Back Again17.9.2003CF222
Tim O'BrienLook Down That Lonesome Road20.10.2005CF285
Tim O'BrienPretty Fair Maid In The Garden20.10.2005CF285
Tim O'BrienRunnin' Out Of Memory18.1.2006CF292
Tim O'Brien & Hot RizeNellie Kane18.6.2003CF215
Maura O'ConnellWhen Being Who You Are (Is Not Enough)18.8.2004CF250
Molly O'Day & The Cumberland Mountain FolksWhen God Comes And Gathers His Jewels19.2.2003CF205
Old Crow Medicine ShowBig Time In The Jungle21.7.2004CF247
Old Crow Medicine ShowTake 'em Away21.4.2004CF240
Jamie O'NealSomebody's Hero18.5.2005CF273
Jamie O'NealTrying To Find Atlantis17.11.2004CF257
Jamie O'NealTrying To Find Atlantis19.1.2005CF263
One Riot One RangerHinky Dinky Dee15.6.2005CF275
Osborne BrothersDown In The Willow Garden18.2.2004CF234
Osborne BrothersFire On The Mountain (Live)21.3.2007CF321
Osborne BrothersI'll Be Alright Tomorrow16.5.2007CF325
Osborne BrothersMuddy Bottom (Live)21.3.2007CF321
Osborne BrothersWalkin' The Floor Over You (Live)21.3.2007CF321
The Overall BrothersChristmas Time In Texas20.12.2006CF315
Jake OwenStartin' With Me21.3.2007CF321
Jake OwenYee Haw19.4.2006CF298
Buck OwensAct Naturally19.4.2006CF298
Buck OwensLove's Gonna Live Here19.4.2006CF298
Brad PaisleyAlcohol15.6.2005CF275
Brad PaisleyBorn On Christmas Day20.12.2006CF315
Brad PaisleyCelebrity18.6.2003CF215
Brad PaisleyCelebrity20.8.2003CF220
Brad PaisleyLittle Moments17.12.2003CF230
Brad PaisleyLittle Moments17.3.2004CF236
Brad PaisleyOnline15.8.2007CF331
Brad PaisleyShe's Everything18.10.2006CF310
Brad PaisleyThe World17.1.2007CF317
Brad PaisleyThe World19.4.2006CF298
Brad PaisleyTicks18.4.2007CF323
Brad Paisley & Alison KraussWhiskey Lullaby18.8.2004CF250
Brad Paisley & Dolly PartonWhen I Get Where I'm Going16.11.2005CF287
Palmer DivideOne More Night16.5.2007CF325
David Parmley and Continental DivideChristmas At The Old Homeplace17.12.2003CF230
David Parmley with Jim Hurst, Russel Moore, Missy Raines, Steve Day, Randy Kohrs, Adam SteffeyI Will Walk In The Valley29.1.2003
Gram ParsonsIn My Hour Of Darkness17.11.2004CF257
Dolly PartonImagine21.12.2005CF290
Dolly PartonI'm Gonna Sleep With One Eye Open20.9.2006CF308
Dolly PartonStairway To Heaven19.3.2003CF208
Dolly Parton & Sonya IsaacsThe Angels Rejoiced20.10.2004CF255
The Peasall SistersHome To You20.10.2005CF285
The Peasall SistersIn The Highways20.10.2005CF285
Danielle PeckFindin' A Good Man17.5.2006CF300
Danielle PeckI Don't21.12.2005CF290
The Katie Penn BandMy Tennessee Mountain Home15.3.2006CF296
Dean PerrettSomewhere West Of Isa15.1.2003CF202
David Peterson & 1946New Pair Of Glasses17.9.2003CF222
PhoenixAngel In My Dreams17.9.2003CF222
Kellie PicklerI Wonder18.4.2007CF323
Kellie PicklerRed High Heels15.11.2006CF312
Pigram BrothersBarefoot Kid16.3.2005CF267
Pigram BrothersNowhere Else But Here15.1.2003CF202
Pine Mountain RailroadThe Old Radio17.9.2003CF222
PinmonkeyLet's Kill Saturday Night21.4.2004CF240
Bobby PinsonDon't Ask Me How I Know16.3.2005CF267
Karine PolwartThe Sun's Comin' Over The Hill16.11.2005CF287
Charlie PooleShe Didn't Have Time17.8.2005CF280
Peter PrattHe's A Good Dog15.9.2004CF252
Rachel ProctorMe And Emily19.5.2004CF242
Augusta PurvisWhen The Last Petal Falls19.11.2003CF227
Jon RandallNorth Carolina Moon18.4.2007CF323
The Rarely HerdA Hundred Years From Now20.10.2004CF255
The Rarely HerdChristmas Is Near17.12.2003CF230
The Rarely HerdGoodbye15.12.2004CF260
Rascal FlattsBless The Broken Road15.12.2004CF260
Rascal FlattsBless The Broken Road16.2.2005CF265
Rascal FlattsBless The Broken Road16.3.2005CF267
Rascal FlattsBless The Broken Road19.1.2005CF263
Rascal FlattsFast Cars And Freedom22.7.2005CF277
Rascal FlattsFeels Like Today21.7.2004CF247
Rascal FlattsI Melt17.9.2003CF222
Rascal FlattsI Melt19.11.2003CF227
Rascal FlattsLife Is A Highway19.7.2006CF304
Rascal FlattsLove You Out Loud16.4.2003CF210
Rascal FlattsLove You Out Loud18.6.2003CF215
Rascal FlattsMayberry18.2.2004CF234
Rascal FlattsMayberry19.5.2004CF242
Rascal FlattsMe And My Gang17.5.2006CF300
Rascal FlattsMy Wish20.12.2006CF315
Rascal FlattsMy Wish20.9.2006CF308
Rascal FlattsSkin18.5.2005CF273
Rascal FlattsSkin (Sarabeth)22.9.2005CF283
Rascal FlattsStand16.5.2007CF325
Rascal FlattsStand21.2.2007CF319
Rascal FlattsTake Me There15.8.2007CF331
Rascal FlattsWhat Hurts The Most15.2.2006CF294
Rascal FlattsWhat Hurts The Most17.1.2007CF317
Rascal FlattsWhat Hurts The Most19.4.2006CF298
Eddy RavenI'm Gonna Get You21.2.2007CF319
James Reams & The BarnstormersCold Statesville Ground18.5.2005CF273
James Reams & Walter HensleyWho's Going Downtown16.2.2005CF265
Reckless KellyDesolation Angels21.1.2004CF232
Reckless KellyThese Tears22.7.2005CF277
Reckless Kelly & Joe ElyRider In The Rain19.7.2006CF304
Reckless Kelly & Kim RichieMay Peace Find You Tonight18.8.2004CF250
Anita ReeBush Girl's Heart19.9.2007CF333
Reeltime TravelersHallelujah20.10.2005CF285
Reeltime TravelersLittle Bird Of Heaven18.7.2007CF329
Lou Reid & CarolinaTime20.10.2005CF285
John Reischman & The JaybirdsBlossom On The Almond Tree19.5.2004CF242
Tony RiceI've Waited As Long As I Can21.5.2003CF213
LeAnn RimesBlue20.8.2003CF220
LeAnn RimesNothin' 'Bout Love Makes Sense19.1.2005CF263
LeAnn RimesNothin' Bout Love Makes Sense20.10.2004CF255
LeAnn RimesNothing Better To Do18.7.2007CF329
LeAnn RimesSomething's Gotta Give18.1.2006CF292
Roadside CafeI Can See Clearly Now17.5.2006CF300
Roaring JellyChristmas In Australia21.12.2005CF290
Julie RobertsBreak Down Here19.5.2004CF242
Rock CountyFor Years17.9.2003CF222
Rock CountyI Can't Go On Loving You18.1.2006CF292
Graham RodgerWoman On The Land19.9.2007CF333
Joe RossFestival Time Again18.10.2006CF310
David Lee Roth & The John Jorgenson Bluegrass BandJump21.6.2006CF302
Peter Rowan & The Nashville Bluegrass BandTrail Of Tears20.9.2006CF308
Peter Rowan & Tony RiceWild Mustang30.11.2005
Run C&WSweet Soul Music17.5.2006CF300
Kate RusbyUnderneath The Stars21.4.2004CF240
RushlowI Can't Be Your Friend19.11.2003CF227
Sacred Sounds Of GrassWere You There (When They Crucified My Lord)17.12.2003CF230
Sawyer BrownI'll Be Around20.8.2003CF220
Sawyer BrownThey Don't Understand18.1.2006CF292
Melinda SchneiderCan You Hear Me Down The Hillside16.7.2003CF217
Ray ScottMy Kind Of Music21.6.2006CF302
Randy ScruggsFarther Along17.12.2003CF230
Curly Seckler & Larry SparksHe Took Your Place29.11.2006
Peggy SeegerSing About The Hard Times18.7.2007CF329
Pete SeegerWhat Did You Learn In School Today?18.8.2004CF250
Seldom SceneDry Run Creek21.3.2007CF321
Sensitive New Age CowpersonsBurning Love16.3.2005CF267
Sensitive New Age CowpersonsDaddy Wore A Mullet16.2.2005CF265
Sensitive New Age CowpersonsThe Sound Of Music15.9.2004CF252
Sensitive New Age CowpersonsThey Never Mention The Flies15.9.2004CF252
Bobbe SeymourHeart Over Mind19.11.2003CF227
Shady MixDo Re Mi15.3.2006CF296
SheDaisyCome Home Soon18.8.2004CF250
SheDaisyDon't Worry 'Bout A Thing16.3.2005CF267
SheDaisyI'm Taking The Wheel21.12.2005CF290
SheDaisyIn Terms Of Love19.7.2006CF304
SheDaisyPassenger Seat17.3.2004CF236
Carmel Sheerin & The RavensWithout You18.10.2006CF310
Blake SheltonDon't Make Me21.3.2007CF321
Blake SheltonGoodbye Time16.3.2005CF267
Blake SheltonNobody But Me16.11.2005CF287
Blake SheltonSome Beach19.1.2005CF263
Blake SheltonThe Baby15.1.2003CF202
Blake SheltonThe Baby19.2.2003CF205
Blake SheltonThe More I Drink19.9.2007CF333
Karl Shiflet & The Big Country Show & Jim LauderdaleHow Wrong A Man Can Be19.5.2004CF242
Ryan Shupe & The Rubber BandDream Big22.7.2005CF277
SilverbirchDrinkin' And Dreamin'19.11.2003CF227
Shel SilversteinA Front Row Seat To Hear Ole Johnny Sing18.7.2007CF329
Travis SinclairStill Riding That Line16.7.2003CF217
Travis SinclairTravellin' Light15.9.2004CF252
Daryle SingletaryJesus And Bartenders20.6.2007CF327
The Sitze FamilyJust Believe17.12.2003CF230
Ricky SkaggsCrying My Heart Out Over You19.4.2006CF298
Ricky Skaggs & Alison Krauss & Del McCoury & FriendsBluegrass Breakdown30.11.2005
Ricky Skaggs & FriendsMighty Dark To Travel30.11.2005
Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky ThunderA Simple Life31.3.2004
Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky ThunderBlack Eyed Susie29.1.2003
Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky ThunderLonesome And Dry As A Bone20.10.2004CF255
Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky ThunderMy Father's Son15.12.2004CF260
Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky ThunderSally Jo30.3.2005
Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky ThunderSis Draper30.11.2005
Ricky Skaggs Kentucky Thunder & The Nashville String MachineCrossing The Briney29.11.2006
Valerie Smith & Liberty PikeWhere The Bluebells Grow19.5.2004CF242
Kenny and Amanda Smith BandAmy Brown21.5.2003CF213
Kenny and Amanda Smith BandIt's Not The Wind21.7.2004CF247
Todd SniderConservate, Christian, Right-Wing Republican, Straight, White, American Males19.4.2006CF298
Todd SniderVinyl Records21.2.2007CF319
Solid GroundThe Right Road20.12.2006CF315
Frank Solivan IISomebody's Missing You17.1.2007CF317
SovereignIt's My Town16.6.2004CF244
Brett SparksKnoxville Girl15.6.2005CF275
Larry Sparks & Rhonda Vincent1-800-DO-U-CARE16.2.2005CF265
Larry Sparks & The Lonesome Ramblers & Alison Krauss & Union StationJohn Deere Tractor30.11.2005
Larry Sparks & The Lonesome RamblersYou Ain't Lived30.3.2005
Spatial EffectsWill There Be Trailer Parks In Heaven16.2.2005CF265
Special ConsensusAmy And Trevor16.4.2003CF210
Special ConsensusCarolina In The Pines19.5.2004CF242
Special ConsensusCarolina Smokey Mountain Home17.1.2007CF317
Special ConsensusEverything's Alright18.5.2005CF273
Special ConsensusGo Tell It On The Mountain17.12.2003CF230
Special ConsensusI'd Like To Wander Back To the Old Home15.8.2007CF331
Special ConsensusRich Man's Coal21.3.2007CF321
Special ConsensusThe Old Man In The Park21.5.2003CF213
Special ConsensusWhere Dear Friends Will Never Part19.3.2003CF208
Springfield ExitPoverty Row19.5.2004CF242
Bruce SpringsteenPay Me My Money Down16.8.2006CF306
Bruce SpringsteenShenandoah16.8.2006CF306
Ralph StanleyStorms Are On The Ocean16.8.2006CF306
Stanley BrothersThe Fields Have Turned Brown19.5.2004CF242
Mavis StaplesHard Times Come Around No More17.11.2004CF257
John Starling & Carolina Star with Emmylou HarrisIn My Hour Of Darkness21.3.2007CF321
Steep Canyon RangersA Ramblin' Man Is A Ramblin' Man15.8.2007CF331
Larry StephensonAway In A Manger17.12.2003CF230
Doug StoneP.O.W. 36916.4.2003CF210
Stony Point QuartetOh, Christmas Candle17.12.2003CF230
Sara StorerBack Out Back16.6.2004CF244
Sara StorerBoss Drivers Pride17.3.2004CF236
Sara StorerBuffalo Bill15.1.2003CF202
Sara StorerDrover's Call19.3.2003CF208
Sara StorerMallee Girl15.9.2004CF252
Sara StorerMust Have Been A Hell Of A Party15.2.2006CF294
Sara Storer & John WilliamsRaining On The Plains17.3.2004CF236
George StraitCowboys Like Us17.12.2003CF230
George StraitCowboys Like Us19.11.2003CF227
George StraitDesperately17.3.2004CF236
George StraitGive It Away19.7.2006CF304
George StraitI Hate Everything18.8.2004CF250
George StraitIt Just Comes Natural18.10.2006CF310
George StraitShe Let Herself Go18.1.2006CF292
George StraitShe'll Leave You With A Smile15.1.2003CF202
George StraitTell Me Something Bad About Tulsa18.6.2003CF215
George StraitTexas22.9.2005CF283
George StraitWrapped18.4.2007CF323
George StraitYou'll Be There20.4.2005CF271
Luke StricklinAmerican By God's Amazing Grace16.11.2005CF287
Marty StuartToo Much Month (At The End Of The Money)21.1.2004CF232
Marty Stuart & Bobby OsborneWhat Would You Give In Exchange For Your Soul29.11.2006
Marty Stuart & Del McCouryLet Us Travel, Travel On21.7.2004CF247
Marty Stuart & Johnny CashHey Porter20.9.2006CF308
Marty Stuart & Merle HaggardFarmer's Blues18.8.2004CF250
SugarlandBaby Girl15.9.2004CF252
SugarlandBaby Girl19.1.2005CF263
SugarlandDown In Mississippi (Up To No Good)19.4.2006CF298
SugarlandEveryday America20.6.2007CF327
SugarlandJust Might (Make Me Believe)20.10.2005CF285
SugarlandSomething More18.5.2005CF273
SugarlandWant To20.9.2006CF308
Sunny SweeneyIf I Could20.6.2007CF327
Sweet Potato PieKeep A Watch15.8.2007CF331
Taylor SwiftOur Song19.9.2007CF333
Taylor SwiftTeardrops On My Guitar18.4.2007CF323
Taylor SwiftTim McGraw16.8.2006CF306
Wayne TaylorBuffalo Shoals15.3.2006CF296
Chip Taylor & Carrie RodriguezSweet Tequila Blues15.1.2003CF202
Paul H. Taylor & Montara Mountain BoysMix The Whiskey19.11.2003CF227
Chris ThileBrakeman's Blues21.3.2007CF321
Chris ThileWayside (Back In Time)20.9.2006CF308
Three Fox DriveListen To The Music17.8.2005CF280
Three Fox DriveThe Star Spangled Banner29.11.2006
Pam TillisBand In The Window18.4.2007CF323
Sally TimmsThe Long Black Veil15.11.2006CF312
Aaron TippinThere Ain't Nothin' Wrong With The Radio21.4.2004CF240
Trent TomlinsonDrunker Than Me21.12.2005CF290
Trent TomlinsonJust Might Have Her Radio On20.6.2007CF327
Trent TomlinsonOne Wing In The Fire16.8.2006CF306
The TravellersWhat Did You Learn In School Today21.1.2004CF232
Randy TravisThree Wooden Crosses16.4.2003CF210
Trick PonyIt's A Heartache20.4.2005CF271
Trick PonyOn A Mission15.1.2003CF202
Trick PonyThe Bride15.9.2004CF252
Trick PonyThe Bride19.1.2005CF263
Travis TrittI See Me20.4.2005CF271
Travis TrittLord Have Mercy On The Working Man16.4.2003CF210
Travis TrittThe Girl's Gone Wild21.7.2004CF247
Travis TrittYou Never Take Me Dancing15.8.2007CF331
Travis Tritt & George ThorogoodMove It On Over19.2.2003CF205
Travis Tritt & John MellencampWhat Say You20.10.2004CF255
Josh TurnerFirecracker15.8.2007CF331
Josh TurnerLong Black Train18.2.2004CF234
Josh TurnerMe And God20.12.2006CF315
Josh TurnerWould You Go With Me17.1.2007CF317
Josh TurnerWould You Go With Me18.10.2006CF310
Josh TurnerWould You Go With Me21.6.2006CF302
Josh TurnerYour Man15.3.2006CF296
Josh TurnerYour Man20.10.2005CF285
Shania TwainAny Man Of Mine20.8.2003CF220
Shania TwainDon't!16.2.2005CF265
Shania TwainForever And For Always16.7.2003CF217
Shania TwainForever And For Always18.6.2003CF215
Shania TwainIt Only Hurts When I'm Breathing21.4.2004CF240
Shania TwainShe's Not Just A Pretty Face17.12.2003CF230
Shania TwainShoes20.10.2005CF285
Shania TwainUp!19.2.2003CF205
Shania Twain & Alison Krauss & Union StationCoat Of Many Colors20.10.2004CF255
Shania Twain & Billy CurringtonParty For Two19.1.2005CF263
Shania Twain & Billy CurringtonParty For Two20.10.2004CF255
Dan TyminskiBright Sunny South31.3.2004
Dan Tyminski & Alison Krauss & Union StationThis Sad Song30.3.2005
Uncle EarlWalkin' In My Sleep18.1.2006CF292
Uncle TupeloNo Depression21.1.2004CF232
Carrie UnderwoodBefore He Cheats15.11.2006CF312
Carrie UnderwoodBefore He Cheats20.9.2006CF308
Carrie UnderwoodDon't Forget To Remember Me19.4.2006CF298
Carrie UnderwoodInside Your Heaven21.12.2005CF290
Carrie UnderwoodJesus Take The Wheel15.2.2006CF294
Carrie UnderwoodJesus, Take The Wheel16.11.2005CF287
Carrie UnderwoodJesus Take The Wheel17.1.2007CF317
Carrie UnderwoodSo Small19.9.2007CF333
Carrie UnderwoodWasted21.2.2007CF319
Keith UrbanBetter Life16.11.2005CF287
Keith UrbanBetter Life22.9.2005CF283
Keith UrbanDays Go By21.7.2004CF247
Keith UrbanEverybody19.9.2007CF333
Keith UrbanGot It Bad20.6.2007CF327
Keith UrbanI Never Work On A Sunday16.3.2005CF267
Keith UrbanI Told You So16.5.2007CF325
Keith UrbanMaking Memories Of Us15.6.2005CF275
Keith UrbanMaking Memories Of Us20.4.2005CF271
Keith UrbanOnce In A Lifetime20.9.2006CF308
Keith UrbanRaining On Sunday19.3.2003CF208
Keith UrbanStupid Boy20.12.2006CF315
Keith UrbanTonight I Wanna Cry17.1.2007CF317
Keith UrbanTonight I Wanna Cry21.12.2005CF290
Keith UrbanWho Wouldn't Wanna Be Me17.9.2003CF222
Keith UrbanWho Wouldn't Wanna Be Me19.11.2003CF227
Keith UrbanYou'll Think Of Me19.5.2004CF242
Keith UrbanYou'll Think Of Me21.4.2004CF240
Keith UrbanYou're My Better Half17.11.2004CF257
Van ZantHelp Somebody20.4.2005CF271
Van ZantNobody Gonna Tell Me What To Do16.11.2005CF287
Phil VassarGood Ole Days22.7.2005CF277
Phil VassarI'll Take That As A Yes (The Hot Tub Song)16.2.2005CF265
Phil VassarIn A Real Love17.11.2004CF257
Phil VassarIn A Real Love21.7.2004CF247
Phil VassarLast Day Of My Life19.4.2006CF298
Phil VassarThe Woman In My Life18.10.2006CF310
Phil VassarThis Is God16.4.2003CF210
Phil VassarThis Is My Life15.8.2007CF331
The Village SingersA Carpenter, A Mother And A King17.12.2003CF230
Rhonda VincentAll American Bluegrass Girl15.3.2006CF296
Rhonda VincentIf Heartaches Had Wings18.2.2004CF234
Rhonda VincentI'm Leavin'15.8.2007CF331
Rhonda VincentThe Martha White Theme30.3.2005
Rhonda VincentTil They Came Home29.11.2006
Rhonda Vincent & The RageKentucky Borderline29.1.2003
Rhonda Vincent & The RageOne Step Ahead Of The Blues31.3.2004
Rhonda Vincent & The RageRhythm Of The Wheels30.11.2005
Rhonda Vincent & The RageThe Best Last Place30.3.2005
Howard VokesPut My Little Shoes Away19.11.2003CF227
VW BoysOle Buddha17.12.2003CF230
VW BoysOrphan Chicken15.3.2006CF296
VW BoysSnappy Lunch19.11.2003CF227
VW Boys with Chris Jones as Willie NelsonTo All The Chicks I Loved Before15.3.2006CF296
Waco BrothersHello To Everybody19.7.2006CF304
Waco BrothersI Fought The Law18.7.2007CF329
Waco BrothersThe Fox22.7.2005CF277
Porter WagonerCommitted To Parkview18.7.2007CF329
The WaifsBridal Train15.9.2004CF252
The Wailin' JennysLong Time Traveller16.8.2006CF306
The Wailin' JennysParting Glass17.8.2005CF280
Loudon Wainwright IIILast Man On Earth22.9.2005CF283
Waking Up TillieThe Old Maid And The Burglar17.5.2006CF300
Clay WalkerA Few Questions20.8.2003CF220
Clay WalkerFall20.6.2007CF327
Clay Walker'Fore She Was Mama15.11.2006CF312
Clay WalkerI Can't Sleep17.3.2004CF236
Randy WallerThis Ol' Cowboy17.5.2006CF300
Charlie Waller & Ralph StanleyBanks Of The Ohio19.3.2003CF208
Charlie Waller & The Country GentlemenLet My Fly Low20.10.2004CF255
Brendon WalmsleyNow I'm Easy15.12.2004CF260
Brendon WalmsleyStay Where You Are15.1.2003CF202
Brendon WalmsleyStill Falling16.6.2004CF244
Trev WarnerLiving The Honky Tonk Life17.3.2004CF236
Trev WarnerOutback Of My Mind15.9.2004CF252
Trev WarnerThe Ballad Of Slim Dusty19.9.2007CF333
Abigail WashburnRockabye Dixie18.1.2006CF292
Doc WatsonGreenville Trestle High20.9.2006CF308
Doc WatsonSitting On Top Of The World21.1.2004CF232
Doc Watson & David HoltTom Dooley17.9.2003CF222
The Wayfaring StrangersDon't This Road Look Rough And Rocky15.6.2005CF275
Dallas Wayne3:30 In The Afternoon22.7.2005CF277
Jimmy WayneI Love You This Much17.12.2003CF230
Jimmy WayneStay Gone16.7.2003CF217
Jimmy WayneStay Gone21.5.2003CF213
Jimmy WayneYou Are21.7.2004CF247
Tommy WebbIf It Weren't For Bluegrass Music I'd Go Crazy16.5.2007CF325
Gillian WelchNo One Knows My Name21.4.2004CF240
Gillian Welch & David Rawlings & Old Crow Medicine ShowThe Weight (Live)20.10.2004CF255
While And MatthewsPass It On21.4.2004CF240
WhitehouseGoing To The Races21.7.2004CF247
WildfireThe Last Song16.2.2005CF265
WildfireThe Lord Knows I'm Drinking21.5.2003CF213
WildfireThere's A New Kid In Town17.12.2003CF230
The Wildwood Valley BoysChristmas In Caroline21.12.2005CF290
Don WilliamsThen It's Love21.2.2007CF319
Hank WilliamsI'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive19.2.2003CF205
Hank WilliamsI'm So Lonesome I Could Cry19.2.2003CF205
Hank WilliamsJambalaya (On The Bayou)19.2.2003CF205
Hank WilliamsMove It On Over21.4.2004CF240
Jett WilliamsThat Reminds Me Of Hank19.2.2003CF205
Hank Williams IIILow Down19.4.2006CF298
Hank Williams IIISatan Is Real/Straight to Hell21.6.2006CF302
Hank Williams IIIYou're The Reason19.2.2003CF205
Hank Williams JnrFamily Tradition19.2.2003CF205
Hank Williams Jnr with Gretchen Wilson, Big & Rich and Van ZantThat's How They Do It In Dixie17.5.2006CF300
John WilliamsonCape York Peninsula15.1.2003CF202
John WilliamsonChandelier Of Stars20.6.2007CF327
John WilliamsonTrue Blue16.3.2005CF267
John Williamson & Warren H. Williams & PixieGlory To Australia16.6.2004CF244
Bec WillisLive And Let It Be19.9.2007CF333
Kelly WillisThat's How I Got To Memphis18.4.2007CF323
Trent WillmonBeer Man16.6.2004CF244
Trent WillmonDixie Rose Deluxe's Honky Tonk, Feed Store, Gun Shop, Used Car, Beer, Bait, BBQ Barber Shop, Laundromat18.8.2004CF250
Trent WillmonOn Again Tonight15.3.2006CF296
Mark Wills19 Somethin'15.1.2003CF202
Mark Wills19 Somethin'19.2.2003CF205
Bob Wills & His Texas PlayboysNew San Antonio Rose20.12.2006CF315
Gretchen WilsonAll Jacked Up22.9.2005CF283
Gretchen WilsonHere For The Party21.7.2004CF247
Gretchen WilsonHomewrecker16.3.2005CF267
Gretchen WilsonI Don't Feel Like Loving You Today16.11.2005CF287
Gretchen WilsonOne Bud Wiser16.11.2005CF287
Gretchen WilsonOne Of The Boys20.6.2007CF327
Gretchen WilsonRedneck Woman16.6.2004CF244
Gretchen WilsonRedneck Woman21.4.2004CF240
Gretchen WilsonSunday Morning Coming Down16.8.2006CF306
Gretchen WilsonWhen I Think About Cheatin'17.11.2004CF257
Gretchen WilsonWhen I Think About Cheatin'19.1.2005CF263
Gretchen Wilson & Merle HaggardPolitically Uncorrect15.3.2006CF296
Gretchen Wilson with John RichCome to Bed21.2.2007CF319
WolverinesAre The Good Times Really Over20.6.2007CF327
WolverinesYou're Never To Old To Sing A Country Song17.3.2004CF236
Lee Ann WomackFinding My Way Back Home20.9.2006CF308
Lee Ann WomackI May Hate Myself In The Morning17.11.2004CF257
Lee Ann WomackI May Hate Myself In The Morning19.1.2005CF263
Lee Ann WomackTwenty Years And Two Husbands Ago18.1.2006CF292
World's Greatest Fishing BandFishin' Off The Railroad Track21.1.2004CF232
Darryl WorleyAwful Beautiful Life15.9.2004CF252
Darryl WorleyHave You Forgotten16.4.2003CF210
Darryl WorleyHave You Forgotten21.5.2003CF213
Darryl WorleyI Just Came Back (From A War)15.11.2006CF312
Darryl WorleyNothin' But A Love Thang19.7.2006CF304
Jeanette WormaldPukulpa Days19.9.2007CF333
The WreckersLeave The Pieces17.1.2007CF317
The WreckersLeave The Pieces17.5.2006CF300
The WreckersLeave The Pieces20.9.2006CF308
The WreckersMy Oh My18.10.2006CF310
Chely WrightThe Bumper Of My S.U.V.19.1.2005CF263
Luther Wright & The WrongsAnother Brick In The Wall, part 221.1.2004CF232
Luther Wright & The WrongsMother21.1.2004CF232
WynonnaWhat The World Needs16.7.2003CF217
Trisha YearwoodGeorgia Rain15.6.2005CF275
Trisha YearwoodHeaven Heartache And The Power of Love19.9.2007CF333
Dwight Yoakam & Buck OwensStreets Of Bakersfield19.4.2006CF298
Adrienne Young & Little SadieLeather Britches16.5.2007CF325
Adrienne Young & Little SadiePlow To The End Of The Row16.5.2007CF325
Young American Bluegrass IdolsHow Mountain Girls Can Love31.3.2004