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The Best of 80 Years of Country Music History

Country Gold is the Oldie Programme from the Makers of Country Folk.

In our original plan, every edition of Country Folk was to contain a specially designated oldie. But often the special subject took so much of the time, that there was simply no space for an oldie or it just did not fit the rest of the programme.

But we have even more reason to do an oldie programme. The reactions to our programme show that country music fans are in anything but agreement about what they want to hear. Some want the Charts, others Bluegrass and still others prefer oldies. But even among those there is no unity, since many are most fond of the hits of their youth and for some those are from the 80s while someone else might prefer the 50s or 60s. So we will at best be able to please some of the people some of the time.

Long Time No Hear

With this in mind the first edition of Country Gold aired on the May, 31st 2000. And then for two years ...nothing! That is because the original makers of Country Gold did not have enough time besides the regular production of Country Folk and the rest of their lives to produce addtional oldie programmes. The rescue came in the shape of a listener, who wanted to do something about that. So, Norbert Kerksiek will produce this programme about four times a year with the support of Achim Biermann and Harald Brinkmann. This also allows an older era of Country Music history to be better represented.

Country Gold covers the timespan from the beginning of Country Music history up to music just a few years old. So, not everything in the programme has to adhere to the generally accepted definition of an oldie, by being at least 10 years old. (And for the elder among us, who just do not want to accept, how old we really are, a real oldie is much older still.) The main focus of the programme will be on the 70s and 80s, but the rest of Country Music history will not be neglected either.

Feedback Wanted!

We are interested in your opinion of this programme. Which era interests you the most? Which subgenres should we cover more or less? (Eg. Nashville Sound, Outlaws, Western, Singer-/Songwriter, Country-Pop, Bluegrass or even Oldtime?) Do you have a request for a specific song? In Country Gold we will play listeners requests, if we are able to!

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