Country Music on the Frequencies of Radio Herford.

The Programme

With Country Folk, we bring the world of country music to you. But here you will not only hear the latest hits from Nashville, but also country oldies, independent, songs that should be hits, but don't stand a chance in the current Nashville climate, plus - and we are the only station in our coverage area to do so - country music from Australia and Canada and even Bluegrass and Alternative Country, whatever that is. And on top of all that we bring information about the country music industry (rarely perceived here as an industry, the translator), that is intended to contribute to a more realistic view of the United States than many country music fans here possess. In our programme you will not find German country music or false cowboy or wild-west-romanticism. You can find out more about our show and its development by following the links in the menu items on the left.

Country Folk airs on every 3rd Wednesday of the month from 8 pm on the frequencies of Radio Herford, which are 94.9 MHz (Herford) und 91.7 MHz (Vlotho). More information about our schedule, in particular about our occasional specials can be found by clicking on »The Schedule«.

Our oldies programme Country Gold airs usually on the 5th Wednesday in the month. This is about four times a year.