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No website is complete without a collection of links. Neither is this one. But in the age of Google, Yahoo or dmoz, everyone should be able to find a starting point for their search for their favourite artists or general information. After all, this is supposed to be a website supplementing or radio programme and not vice versa. External links about subjects covered on other pages of (like »Public Access«, »Other Programmes« or »Sources for Country Music«), can be found there.

Of course the majority of these links point to contents in English.

Country Folk offers these links as a service to all users of these pages, but cannot take any responsability for the contents of external pages. Particularly we are not able to regularly check the contents of linked pages. In case of problems, especially broken links, please eMail the Webmaster!

Our links are grouped by these topics:

Live in Germany




A good starting point for Australian Country music is this page, where you can find links to Australian media, artists and of course the Country Music Store. Other useful start pages for your virtual travels are those of our colleague Bob Howe, who travels the Internet for his radio programme, and publicises the results here, and the homepage of the Country Music Association of Australia


...and if you are more interested for Canadian Country music, you might want to start on the page of the Canadian Country Music Association: In particular their links page is very well stacked.

Bünde and Surrounding Area

»Originally« we want to avoid spreading the usual Country music stereotype here. But we think it is necessary to provide an overview of all local offerings known to us, that might be of interest to Country music fans. And here it is:

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