Country Music on the Frequencies of Radio Herford.

Buy (Country-) Music

OK! You heard the music on our show. You have some spare € or $ and would like to invest some of those in Country music CDs (or cassettes or LPs)? No problem!

That was not always the case! (At least not in Germany, the translator.) As little as 10 years ago it was often a matter of luck to be able to buy the music one was looking for. The die-hard fans would accept having to travel long distances to the few well-stocked record shops, just to be able to find some of the wanted items. Ordering by mail was an alternative which was very expensive and there was still no guarantee to actually get the wanted item. And all that just for standard country chart records! But still this was one opportunity to get to know other record-collecting fans. See also »The Programme-> The Beginning«

In the age of the Internet it should not be too difficult to find one's desired CD, but these are our recommendations, which worked well for us. The list is divided into generalists, selling music or Country music of all kinds, and specialists and labels. Please take note of the country of origin. The communication with suppliers outside of Germany is conducted in the English language, but even little knowledge of the language should suffice for a written order. (All German retailers on the list can be contacted in English, the translator.) Within the two parts the lists are sorted alphabetically. All statements are made to the best of our knowledge and not necessarily up to date. If not, please notify the Webmaster.