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On this page you can find CD vendors with a universal range (all musical genres) or sellers of Country music with no further specialisation.

All statements are made to the best of our knowledge and not necessarily right up to date. If not, please notify the webmaster.

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Probably not a lot needs to the said to the internet savvy Country music fans about the German branch of the American company that started as book vendor. Unfortunately the claim of the early Internet age, to be able to deliver everything in the catalogue of the American parent company, including CDs, and especially Country music CDs is no longer upheld! Instead the customer is redirected for those titles to the American parent company, with all the problems and costs associated with overseas orders. But still, most Country music CDs are available here. Payment can be made by direct debit from German bank accounts, German cheque or by credit card and all communication is in German. (A huge advantage, even among serious country music fans in Germany, the translator.) And since delivery is from a German warehouse, delivery periods are short and extra costs like postage and customs are very low or zero.

For the more obscure Country music titles the German fan will have to trouble the American parent company sooner or later. In times of a weak Dollar and for owners of a credit card the amount of extravagance and expenditure will be limited. Other methods of payment are not accepted or very cumbersome to use. In particular, if has been authorised to use direct debit (in Germany a popoular way to automatically pay regular invoices, the translator), this is of no use when ordering directly from This is a disgrace for a highly flexible, customer oriented, global company like On the lookout for CDs not originating from the US, the Amazon branches on other countries may be worth a visit.

Bear Family Records
Postfach 1154
27727 Hambergen
Tel. 04748/8216-0
Fax. 04748/8216-20

Bear Family Records is best known for their no-expense-spared CD box sets of country music legends like Bill Monroe, Hank Snow or Johnny Cash. The fan, who just has to own everything made by his idol, has to have these box sets. Those collections can be purchased here and for a reasonable price, but Bear Family Records delivers everything Country. If you are looking for a special pressing or CDs from countries not particularly known for producing Country music, this is your supplier of choice. Bear Family Records also regularly sends nicely made catalogues to all current customers, which itselves have become collectors items. But this service has its price: CDs are quite expensive here. Because of that we use Bear Family Records only as a source for their own products and CDs absolutely unavailable elsewhere. Within Germany Bear Family Records will usually accept payment by invoice.

Country Music Store
GPO Box 3000
(68 Charlotte Street)
Brisbane, Qld 4001
Tel. 0061 7 32213000
Fax. 0061 7 32213983

The Country Music Store is our court supplier for Australian titles. To order anything else from there would be way too expensive given the high CD prices »down under«. This business started as a record shop in Brisbane, but because even in Australia many fans cannot find their kind of music in their local record shop, (if there is a local record shop!) a mail order division was added and they deliver worldwide, of course. Here too, you can be assured of personal service. Fortunately the boss Ron Adsett is also involved in other aspects of the country music business and therefore well connected and just might be able to lay his hands on titles, that others cannot get. Their website gives only general information about available titles and is usually not quite up to date. So if you don't see something particular it is always worth asking. In recent years they also added an online shop. Prepayment is expected and credit cards and all other means of payment that actually get there, are accepted.

jpc Schallplatten
Postfach 1329
49111 Georgsmarienhütte
Tel. 0180/5251717
Fax. 05401/851233
eMail via web site!

jpc is not a country music specialist as indicated by the company name (»Jazz, Pop, Classic«). But for a long time jpc has had a huge selection and monthly catalogue updates. The yearly main catalogue has to be bought for a small fee, but the monthly updates are free of charge for customers. In the pre-internet age these catalogues were a popular inexpensive reference book, because the songs of most CDs were listed and often augmented by reviews. With all this quite current information the desired CD could often be found for a reasonable price, especially in Country music fringe areas, which a country specialist might not have in stock. jpc now has a nice online shop and within Germany will accept payment by invoice.

Up And Adam
2712 Winfield Lane
Belvidere, IL 61008
Fax. 001 815 544 5152

Up and Adam is your U.S.-American record shop by mail. The owner Russ Crow realised, that that is exactly what Country music fans in the rest of the world want without having to travel to the U.S. all the time. That's what he is there for. Up and Adam carries all mainstream country items (plus bluegrass and folk music) and Russ Crow will try to get anything else his customers might want. For the less affluent among us there is also a used-CD department. By request he will remove the CD boxes which are expensive to send and are often damaged in transit. The boxless CDs are still well packed. For customers there are monthly lists with new releases and special offers, sent by snail mail or e-mail. The prices are roughly those of American specialist CD retailers. Those cannot compete with the dumping prices offered by online retailers, but the personal service, especially the removal of the boxes, changes the bottom line again. Russ Crow will accept credit cards and almost all other ways of payment that actually get there. (Including cash.) Prepayment is required, but Up and Adam delivers promptly.