Country Music on the Frequencies of Radio Herford.

The Frequencies and their Reach

Radio Herford and our programmes
Country Folk, Country Gold and Just Good Music
are heard on these frequencies:

Herford (Schwarzenmoor): 94,9 MHz
(500 W-D) 52°09' North, 8°43' East

Vlotho: 91,7 MHz
(100 W-ND) 52°10' North, 8°52' East

Additionally on cable:

Herford, Hiddenhausen: 93,85 MHz
Kirchlengern, Bünde, Enger, Spenge, Rödinghausen: 97,2 MHz
Löhne, Vlotho: 107,2 MHz

And here is the coverage map:

The area of Kreis Herford (the legal coverage area, the translator) is drawn in dark green, the red dots represent the transmitter sites, in the lighter green area satisfactory reception (including mobile reception) is possible, beyond that in the very slightly green area the reception of Radio Herford is more a matter of luck. But we are interested in your reception reports, especially from the fringe areas! eMail the Webmaster. Map with estimated coverage. Good reception outside of Kreis Herford in cities and towns like Bielefeld, Bad Salzuflen, Porta Westfalica, Minden, Petershagen, Espelkamp, Rahden, Melle, Gütersloh. Fringe reception may be possible in Osnabrück, Lage, Lemgo, Rinteln


Radio Herford does not have an Internet-Livestream, but some Public Access programmes can be heard for a couple of weeks after the original broadcast per Audiostream or after downloading the mp3-file. The location is the website of the OWF Internet Radio. Our programmes can be found here: